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18-11-13 Powerful Concepts in Machine Learning

18-09-22 Efficient Social Search

18-09-22 Anti-Trends (Technologies that need to be trending but aren't)

18-09-19 What is 'Real'?

18-09-19 High Value Communities

18-09-18 Rare Concepts I Think With Daily

18-09-10 Counterfactuals Fact List

18-09-10 Words to Create (Creating Concepts)

18-09-29 My Favorite Books

18-09-05 Sources of Value

18-09-05 Sources of Contrarian Truth

18-09-15 Renaming Generalization

18-10-12 How to Overcome Approach / Conversation Anxiety at Brain

18-10-22 Gradient Variance

18-08-31 Thoughts on Valuable Research Events

18-10-29 Strengths

18-11-02 Transcendent Self Awareness

18-11-02 Types of Transcendence

18-11-05 People Who Know Me Best in the World

18-11-06 Common Mistakes in Thinking (Why it's hard to think)

18-11-06 Decomposing Intelligence

18-11-10 Properties of Relationship

18-11-10 Unmodelability, Mechanisms of Chaos

18-11-20 How to Handle the Truth

18-10-15 Funding Transcendent Enlightenment / Startup Ideas

18-08-29 Meta-concepts

18-06-24 Compassion Language Patterns

18-04-08 Wisdom Language Patterns

18-06-02 Grand Scientific Projects

18-06-07 Powerful Rituals (Ritual Design)

18-06-19 Vulnerability Language Patterns

18-11-27 Consciousness Decomposition

18-06-25 Admiration Language Patterns

18-06-25 Empathy Language Patterns

18-06-25 Kindness Language Patterns

18-06-25 Love Language Patterns

18-06-27 Words of Power

18-06-29 Honesty

18-06-29 Joy Language Patterns

18-06-29 Openness Language Patterns

18-07-03 x without x

18-07-05 Systematizing Humor

18-07-15 Agency Language Patterns

18-08-03 Generators of Great Questions

18-08-03 How to use my time more effectively

18-08-10 Ideas that most changed my decisions

18-08-12 Sharable Bucket List

18-08-15 Most Valuable Research Events

18-08-16 Implementations of Concepts in Representation Learning

18-08-21 Independent, First Principles Thinking

18-08-22 Types of Truth You Can't Handle

18-08-26 Deconstruction

18-08-27 New Concrete Representation Learning Ideas

18-11-28 Most General Concepts

07-01-14 Website Ideas

18-12-13 What is Precision?

15-08-18 Technical Hyperanalytic Posts

16-11-23 Guaranteeing I be Meta

16-12-09 Learning Maths

17-01-27 Synthesizing Information from Worldview Building

17-01-29 Ideas for topics with Sebastian

17-02-01 Ideas for Learning Machine Learning

17-02-01 Ways to Discover Contrarian Truths

17-02-05 Machine Learning Startup Ideas

17-02-09 Learning How to Focus

17-03-23 Unusual Startup Ideas

17-04-08 Systematizing Creativity

17-07-05 Ways to Increase Action Bias

17-07-07 Ways to Explain Machine Learning Algorithms

17-07-21 Meta-Modeling

17-07-25 Reputation Building

17-07-26 Contrarian Ideas I Have

17-07-26 Running Model-Technique

17-07-26 Things to do once a billionaire

17-07-27 Alignment & Control Solutions

17-07-28 How to Be Like Me

17-07-30 Expanding Attention Span

17-07-31 System 1 Breakdown

17-08-01 Examples of Structure

17-08-02 How to Silence the Chatter

15-08-05 Data Science Projects I Would Love

18-11-28 The Big Questions

15-07-21 Writing Ideas

15-07-16 Idea Lists (Meta)

18-12-17 Fields by Transferability

18-12-19 Fields to Create

18-12-22 Modes of Thought

18-12-28 My MI Contrarian Truths

18-12-29 Types of Transcendence applied to Research Labs

18-12-30 Extremely Useful Tools & Heuristics

18-12-31 Generators of Meaning

19-01-01 Maximizing Relationship Longevity

19-01-16 Places to Intervene in a System

19-01-18 Learning Judgment

19-01-20 Generating Generators

19-01-27 Modes of Thinking worth Internalizing

19-01-29 Games Decomposition

19-01-29 Machine Learning Interview Recombination

19-01-30 Different Definitions of Rationality in Use

19-01-30 Measuring Network Similarity

06-16-14 Hello World

06-17-14 Writing

06-19-14 Energy

06-21-14 Learning Programming

18-03-05 Metalearning Research Ideas

07-02-14 Careers, Backward Induction

07-06-14 To Synthesize Reading

15-02-19 Experiments I should be doing

15-03-19 Ideas for Learning ML/AI

15-05-07 Ideas for Learning Algorithms

15-07-14 Ideas for Ingraining Thinking Framework

15-07-17 Intellectual Habits/Lifestyle

18-02-28 Implementing the Structure of Information

17-12-27 Map / Territory Confusions

18-02-18 How to Become Obsessed

17-08-04 What I would do if I didn't care about reputation

17-08-05 Social at ICML

17-08-07 Deep Problems with Machine Learning

17-08-08 Juicy sides to mathematics and programming

17-08-09 Breakthroughs leading to machine intelligence

17-08-10 Machine Intelligence Contrarian

17-08-11 Hierarchical Structure

17-08-14 New Types of Structure in Information

17-08-18 Continuing Worldview Building

17-08-19 Fighting back against HN

17-08-20 Communities to Create

17-08-21 Desedirata for Deep Learning Libraries

17-08-24 Ways to Induce Anger

17-08-25 Ways to Induce Action Bias in a Community

17-08-27 Contrarian Truths about Machine Learning (Linear Regression)

15-08-25 Getting Good at Algorithms

17-08-27 Interesting Facts in Machine Learning (Linear Regression)

17-08-28 Interesting Facts in Machine Learning (Logistic Regression)

17-08-29 Interesting Facts in Machine Learning (Decision Trees)

17-11-06 Thoughts On Pinker

17-11-11 Potential Language Patterns

17-11-23 How to Control System 1

17-11-30 Envision Ideas To Make Happen

17-12-10 Operationalizing Systematizing Creativity

17-12-24 Questions Whose Answers Would Tweak my Goals

18-01-02 Validation Seeking Language Patterns

18-01-02 Ways to Become a Billionaire

18-01-04 Building a Work Ethic

18-01-06 Future Changes in Morality

18-01-08 Glimpses of Reality

18-01-08 How to Clarify Thoughts

18-01-09 Fundamental Human Narratives

18-01-12 Counter Utilitarian Intuitions

18-01-13 Grigory's Compiled Creativity, Shannon

18-01-13 Strengths

18-01-16 How to Talk About Abstraction

18-01-22 Conversational Mental Motions

18-01-23 Emotion & RL

18-01-23 Religious Language Patterns

18-01-24 ML Contrarian Truths Worth Testing

18-01-25 Valuable Properties of Representations

18-01-28 What People Want, as a Function of Personality

18-02-04 Destroying the Ego

18-02-11 Workshopping Creativity

17-11-06 Options Given a Break

17-11-04 What to do with a billion dollars.

17-11-03 Differentiating Factors Between Brain and MSR

17-10-30 NIPS Creativity and Interpretable Representation Ideas

17-08-30 Deep Learning Library Ideas

17-08-31 Machine Learning Projects

17-09-02 Interesting Facts about Neural Networks

17-09-06 Types of Relational Structure

17-09-09 The Selfish Gene on Memetics

17-09-11 Components of Voice

17-09-11 Experiment Ideas

17-09-13 Interesting Icebreakers

17-09-14 Principles of Structure

17-09-17 Books to Write

17-09-17 Longevity Interventions

17-09-20 Persuasive Framing of FoMI

17-09-21 Life & Productivity Coach Ideas

17-09-21 Types of Temporal Structure

17-09-23 Common Insecurities

17-09-24 Upsides to Low Status

17-09-25 Additional Weakness

17-09-26 Additional Weakness Experiments

17-09-27 Interesting Approaches to AI Safety

17-09-28 Frontier Conversations

17-10-06 Post Religion Ideologies

17-10-07 Dominance Language Patterns

17-10-14 Interesting Facts in Machine Learning (Neural Networks)

17-10-16 Accomplishing Arbitrary Deadlines

17-10-17 Interesting Facts in Memetics

17-10-21 Ordered List of Breakthroughs for Machine Intelligence

17-10-26 Representation Learning Research Ideas

19-02-01 Book Dissection

19-01-31 Humor Decomposition

19-02-01 Conceptual Decomposition

19-02-02 Quality Examples of Newly Created Concepts

19-02-02 Things I Should Read Daily

19-02-03 How to make ideas or concepts generative

20-01-29 Computational Neuroscience Theories

20-01-22 Productive and Practical Research Ideas

20-01-11 My Needs

20-01-09 Writing Down Culture

20-01-09 Amazing Nature (Ritual Worthy)

20-01-07 Overcoming Anxiety

20-01-06 Becoming Autocatalytic

20-01-06 Accountability Schemes

20-01-01 Trans-X

19-12-31 Meta-X

19-12-26 Worlds I know little about

19-11-08 Optimization Algorithms

19-10-24 Emotional Space

19-10-12 Ways to Improve Focus

19-10-07 Novel Feedback-Loop Based Machine Learning Algorithms

20-02-08 Innovations in Research Organization

20-02-10 Favorite Complement Categories

20-02-21 My Lifestyle Creep

20-02-21 Transhumanist Adjacent Communities

20-07-28 Worthy Problems

20-07-20 Reward System Options

20-07-19 Learning Tools

20-07-13 Deep Ideas in Class Discovery

20-07-10 Depth in Research

20-07-05 Brain Healthy Foods Jeremy Doesn't Hate

20-07-02 Common changes in Agency

20-07-01 Symptoms and Drivers of Civilizational Decline

19-10-07 Mathematical Creativity

20-05-12 Novel Methodology

20-04-30 Effectively Running Seminars

20-04-12 Ways in which people tend to be asleep

20-04-12 Knowing Someone

20-03-10 Questions to ask regularly / Life Reframes

20-03-09 Potential Life Updates

20-02-29 Deep Truths

20-06-29 Ethics Topics

19-10-07 Language Re-Representation

19-10-07 Culture Tells

19-10-05 Ways to Engage with a Presentation

19-05-20 Projects Worth Doing

19-05-20 21st Century Major Scientific Breakthroughs

19-05-15 Properties of Self-Reference

19-05-04 Posts / Essays / Articles to Write

19-05-02 Recent Breakthroughs in Deep Learning

19-05-01 Research Failure Stories

19-04-22 Social Movements

19-04-21 Technical Worldview Breaking

19-05-27 Examples of Transcendence

19-04-08 Ideas Which Dramatically Shift Your Decision Making (Extends Worldview Breaking Ideas)

19-03-25 Love Validating Questions

19-03-17 Paradigms in Machine Intelligence worth Questioning

19-02-24 Calibration (Conceptual Decomposition)

19-02-23 Counterarguments to the Learning Paradigm

19-02-11 Physical Connection

19-02-04 How to be way ahead of your time

19-04-07 New Paradigms in Safety

19-05-27 Relative Safety of Forms of General Intelligence

19-06-06 10 Systems Worth Having

19-09-20 Ranking of Companies by Religiosity

19-09-14 Traps to Avoid

19-08-02 Landmark Language Patterns

19-07-14 Valuable Unexplored Communities

19-07-02 Ordered List of Great Interventions

19-06-25 Kinds of Introduction

19-06-24 Ways to Induce Hypomania

19-06-05 Research Ideas in Robustness + Alignment + Security + Long Term Safety

19-06-23 Truly Disgusting Concepts

19-06-18 Ways to Read My Whole Library

19-06-18 How to Become Deep

19-06-15 Obviously Correct Diet Interventions

19-06-13 Transcendent Self-Awareness

19-06-11 Forms of Reappraisal

19-06-11 Elements of Great Storytelling

19-06-20 Forms of Recursive Self Improvement