1. Social Immersion

  2. Existential Importance

    1. Long term future

    2. Moral righteousness about it - nobody is doing this the right way

  3. Vivid vision of the future

  4. Expectations for oneself being high.

  5. Narrative alignment

  6. Associate your identity with your performance / knowledge

  7. Have an enemy who’s growing faster than you are

  8. Create a competition that you can win

  9. Win competitions and get addicted to winning

  10. Find ways to visceral reward yourself for success in the domain

  11. Vision - see yourself as reifying becoming truly great / transcending and achieving complete mastery of the target

  12. Listen to the Voice of God

  13. Lifestyle immersion

    1. Sound / Audiobook / Podcasts on obsessive topic, for use during transit

    2. Create friendships around topic, turn social time into conversation over obsession target

    3. Go to sleep reading about it

    4. Write about it during free writing

    5. Create reputation around it

    6. Feel yourself growing at it