Revel in the moment of creation.

Idea Listing:
-Choose a topic to generate 10 ideas over. -10m Time Constraint. Start timer.
-Fill to 10 ideas. Let quality fall if time becomes a limiting factor.
-Optimize for both expected value of the idea and for its novelty -Novelty - Novelty is great but not necessary. Feel free to dial this down as time goes on.

Mechanics: The time constraint accomplishes a number of important things.

  1. Creates the freedom to let all other thoughts, worries and mental activity be released temporarily. The time being explicitly set aside for one task is permission to let go of open loops, freeing those slots in working memory for the task.
  2. Activates an action-oriented mode, a creation rather than consumption mode.
  3. Is a step of momentum towards taking productive action
  4. Creates freedom from other people - they either see it, or you feel comfortable letting them know that you’re busy (but only temporarily, making it feel acceptable).

Demonstrate list of idea lists
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Part of a series on Systematizing Creativity.

Moment of Creation