Revel in the moment of creation.

This approach to systematizing creativity sits at the intersection of the conscious and unconscious mind. The key is to induce a state of mind wandering, allowing thoughts to freely re-combine with one another, be compared and aligned with one another, through a subconscious and intuitive process rather than through an intentional process. Good examples include the following:

  1. Walking
    • Especially wandering, walking without destination
  2. Showering
  3. Sleep
    • Start to fall asleep, wake up as you do (use alarm or keys in the hand)
    • Onset of sleep (Hypnagogia)
    • REM sleep
    • Sleep deprivation
    • Lucid Dreaming
  4. Meditation
  5. Hot Tub
  6. Psychedelic drugs
  7. Driving

The default mode network is a state of the brain associated with being at rest while awake, much like in mind wandering and relaxation.

It’s important to load up the thoughts or problem you’d like to be creative over or that you expect will interact well with one another prior to entering default mode. Thoughts that have been experience recently or that have sunken into long term memory can be used as material for this creative moment.

Many creatives add these practices as habits to their lives, taking daily walks or long showers.

Part of a series on Systematizing Creativity.

Moment of Creation